Snohomish River Pinks


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Sep 02, 2019

Snohomish River Pinks

We have learned today that there will be a short Pink season on the Snohomish. The season will be Sept. 1,2 &3. It will still be a 1 fish limit but can be a Pink or Coho. We believe this is the Snohomish only. Areas 8-2 and 9 remain red hot for Pinks and should do so for another week to 10 days.

The Snohomish River will be open for Pinks Sept. 1,2 and 3. The limit remains 1 fish and can be either a Pink or a wild or hatchery Coho.The Sky and Snoqualmie remain at 1 COHO only. WDFW has said they will monitor the Pinks to see if further openings may occur. We don't anticipate another opener. Be aware that if you release any fish you must keep it in the water. Enforcement can ticket you for removing a fish from water then releasing it. 

Gear may be hard to find but we have a good stock of lures, rods, reels, nets and other accessories on hand. The Snohomish returns to a 1 COHO only Sept. 4th.

Crabbing ends locally after Labor Day.