Local Fishing Spots

Local Fishing Spots


A large portion of our business centers around our state’s lakes. There are no less than a dozen lakes within 20 minutes of our store.

Trout & Kokanee

One of the state’s best Kokanee lakes, Lake Stevens, is a short 10 minute ride up HWY 9 from our store. Kokanee fishing has grown to be very popular at Lake Stevens. In fact, in May there is a Kokanee Derby that draws about 300 anglers each year. We participate each year as one of the cash prize sponsors. Our inventory for Kokanee and Trout is quite extensive and is highlighted by nearly 100 different Power Bait items.


As participation in Bass fishing continues to grow, we keep increasing our Bass inventory. We currently stock products from St. Croix, Z-man, Bait Buttons, Berkley, Create-a-Lure, Dry Creek, Gamakatsu, Jerry’s, Northland, Panther Martin, Roboworm, Southern Lure, Storm, Strike King, Wahoo, Yamamoto and Zoom. We also do special orders for our customers. We will do our best to get the products you desire!

We have the world’s best selection of Dick Nites.

All 80 colors in all three sizes are in stock!


​Dick Nite Wall River fishing is our busiest time of year.​

We pride ourselves on keeping up with the high demand for popular lures and bait for the hottest seasons. During the busy Pink (Humpy) Salmon season, you’ll be hard pressed to find a busier place in town than our store. Our stock includes tens of thousands of the hottest lures for these fish. Coho Salmon are abundant in most years and summer and winter Steelhead are available in June, July, December and January. Again, you’ll find everything you need to catch these fish at Triangle Bait & Tackle.


Puget Sound lies 15 minutes from our store and offers great fishing opportunities in a beautiful setting. Salmon, Halibut, and Lingcod seasons along with shellfish opportunities provides year round access to saltwater fishing. We have a great selection of saltwater tackle and bait, as well as some marine supplies for quick repairs and to make you legal on the waters. To make yourself a legal boater, see the Boating in Washington Guide found at most vehicle licensing offices.


Being a little further away from the saltwater than some other retailers doesn’t slow us down when it comes to shellfish gear. Crab gear leads the way as we work very hard to keep costs down. Bob “Bubba” Buchanan, owner of SMI (the company that supplies our crab pots), is amazed at the number of crab pots we sell. Bubba shared with us that “inch for inch and pound for pound, you guys sell as many crab pots as anyone.”

All our pots are offered individually or as a full kit for a discounted price. Also available are shrimp pots as well as razor clam guns and shovels for the popular razor clam season on the ocean beaches.