Owner Jim Strege purchased what was then "Triangle Beverage" in May of 1981 after graduating from college. Struggling to survive as “just another convenience store,” the store decided to add some bait and tackle in 1985. Following steady growth, it didn’t take long before the little convenience store became a legitimate tackle shop. It eventually became obvious that a name change was in order, and in 2008 Triangle Beverage officially became "Triangle Bait and Tackle."

Our Mission

We’re dedicated to providing the bait & tackle supplies you need for successful fishing.

A Community Store

We’re also involved with many community groups, and are sponsors of:

Jim Strege, Owner

Jim likes to fish for trout with his grandkids, bass with his son and shellfish with various family members. Outside of fishing, he enjoys woodworking and…well, crabfeeds!


"Really nice selection of gear with not bad prices pretty friendly customer service"

Tree Daddy

"For how small this building is they literally have everything you would need to fish locally don't Judge this book by its cover they even sell fishing licenses and re string fishing poles. And the employees are a wealth of knowledge and can answer almost any question you could come up with. I highly recommended stopping here if you need any equipment for fishing or crabbing."

Kyle Counter

"Helpful, friendly, staff. Relaxing atmosphere. Lots of choices at competive prices. Not a lot of parking. Must see place. Now have a go to place for my fisherman."

Melissa Howell
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