Crab pots & Kits

All our crab pots are a product of SMI from Sumner, Washington. SMI designs their own pots and accessories to maximize their usefulness in Puget Sound. We offer all our pots for sale both individually and as a price saving full kit option.

Included in our full kits are:

  • Pot
  • Bait cage
  • Harness
  • Buoy
  • 100'-5/16" leaded rope
  • Snap
  • Crab gauge

Options include:

  • Upgrade to stainless steel harness (add $14.00)
  • Upgrade to 150' rope (add $7.50)
  • Upgrade to 200' rope (add $15.00)
  • Crab gauge not needed? (deduct $2.00)

We also offer all the accessories to make your crab outings successful.

Crab Pots

SMI #19019 / Folding Pot

Pot Alone: $34.99
Folded Pot Dimensions: 24" x 33" x 1"

Full Kit: $75.99
Pot Dimensions: 21" x 24" x 12"

Our most popular pot kit includes a convenient top opening hatch for easy removal of crab. Weight recommended for these lightweight pots. Designed for short soaks, these pots should be checked about every hour. Our personal best was 11 keepers during a a one-hour soak.

SMI #19020

This pot is just like the 19019 pot except bigger. Same top opening hatch and also designed for shorter soak times. Load it up with extra bait and you can soak for a couple hours.

Pot Alone: $59.99
Folded Pot Dimensions: 30" x 39" x 1"

Full Kit: $99.99
Pot Dimensions: 27" x 30" x 12"

SMI #19037

Pot Alone: $149.99

Full Kit: $179.99

SMI #19035

Pot Alone: $149.99

Full Kit: $179.99

SMI #19038

Pot Alone: $149.99

Full Kit: $179.99

All three of these pots are 30" pots and are differentiated by their shape. All have top opening hatches. Round pot has three openings for crab entrance and the other two have four entrances. All the entrances have elevated ramps which once inside the pot, it's very difficult for crab to escape. These pots are ideal for long soaks for those who like to drop a pot then fish for a few hours. Great for overnight soaking as well.

SMI #19074 / Stainless Steel Commercial Style Pot

Our popular stainless steel commercial style pot is a great pot for those who want the best. Heavy duty steel with rubber wrapped bottom and stainless steel web make this pot heavy (25 lbs) and long-lasting. Ramp entrances allow for long soaks and half of the top opens up for easy sorting of crab.

Pot Alone: $229.99

Full Kit: $279.99

Crab Rings

Crab rings are most popular for crabbing off piers. Some use these as a way to pass time if anchored up waiting for larger pots to soak. Because these rings sit flat, crabs come and go easily and should be checked about every 15 minutes.

SMI #19052


This ring is for those who like rigging their own gear. Simple, basic, but it does the job.

SMI #19053


This deluxe ring is heavier gauge steel than the 19051 and has a stainless steel bottom. Pre-assembled with harness and 50' rope. Add a container of bait and you're ready to go.