SMI 27" x 30" x 12" Folding Crab Pot

SMI 27" x 30" x 12" Folding Crab Pot




This SMI #19020 folding pot is just like the 19019 pot except bigger. Same top opening hatch and also designed for shorter soak times. Load it up with extra bait and you can soak for a couple hours.

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Additional Product Details

This SMI #19020 foldable pot makes it easy for storage. We sell all our crab pots bot individually and as a full kit. Our full kits are great values as they save you money vs. buying each part separately. We make it easy to customize your pots through substitutions and/or additions. All SMI pots have a top opening hatch for easy retrieval of "keepers".

Included in our full kits are:

  • Pot
  • Bait cage
  • Harness
  • Buoy
  • 100'-5/16" leaded rope
  • Snap
  • Crab gauge

All our crab pots are a product of SMI from Sumner, Washington. SMI designs their own pots and accessories to maximize their usefulness in Puget Sound. We offer all our pots for sale both individually and as a price saving full kit option.