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SW PK CHERRY: The Sweet Pink Cherry has been described as pink, red and cerise, demonstrating the amount of depth within the color. This color fishes excellent in those higher off color flows we all see on the backside of a good freshet.

CERISE: On those days when the visibility shakes your confidence, the Cerise Soft Bead is your savior.

CREAMSICLE: The Creamsicle color is best described as a "dead" egg or chum/pink egg that has been in the water for quite a while. Creamsicle is a great bead to fish when the spawn may be a little stale but there are still a lot of eggs in the water.

MOTTLED CER: The Mottled Cerise is a favorite when the visibility drops below 2 feet. The Mottled Cerise excels whether you are float fishing or drift fishing.

MOTTLED NAT: Mottled Natural Soft Beads are designed to mimic that fresh natural egg that has been in the water for 2-4 days. The textured mottling gives the Mottled Natural an appearance that sets it apart from other colors.

MOTTLED PINK: The Mottled Pink has been the been a steelhead killer for both winter and summer run.

MOTTLED RED: Whether it is in a river full of spawning chinook, coho or sockeye the Mottled Red bead flat out produces.

NATURAL: This color perfectly matches that freshly dropped steelhead egg that has only been in the water for a short time.

PEARL PINK: The BnR Tackle Pearl Pink was released with the initial Soft Bead line up and has always been a favorite whether you are side drifting or bobber dogging.

RED: This is an excellent option for those days when fresh chinook or coho eggs are rolling down the river and the fish are gobbling the eggs up as quickly as they can.

SHRIMP: The Shrimp Soft Bead excels in the 2-3 feet of visibility with a nice tint of steelhead green.